Autism & Neurodevelopment Center

Coming Soon to Summer of 2024!! 

The Pediatric Place is excited to introduce the coming of the new Autism & Neurodevelopment Center in Clinton, MO!

The Autism & Neurodevelopment Center is designed to support children with a diagnosis of autism. The children will receive behavioral intervention (Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy – ABA), social interaction as well as speech-language therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, dietetics, or counseling as needed.  The goal is to support children to improve their ability to function within their daily routines.  By learning to manage and self-monitor their own behaviors, express themselves appropriately and regulate their sensory needs children will improve their independence and be able to participate in childhood occupations.  

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) services will be provided for children ages 24 months through 9 years of age.  Children must have a diagnosis of Autism to receive ABA Therapy.

 ABA Therapy can be provided through a preschool classroom setting, outpatient therapy, and/or in-home services. 

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